Why Join Our Team?

Individual Empowerment

At KBC you are not a cog in a wheel, you are an essential part of the Company. This means every one of our employees is encouraged to share their ideas, express their opinions, take initiative and assume responsibility for realising their potential.

Learning & Development

When you work with KBC Ireland, you will never stop learning. Whether it’s acquiring new skills and building resilience by working on a challenging project, receiving mentorship from a more experienced colleague, taking a short course, or opting for further study, you will have the support to develop your skills and long-term career prospects.


At KBC Ireland we see ourselves as part of a new generation of citizen - consumers, who understand that doing good is good for business. As one of just 29 companies in Ireland to be awarded the Business Working Responsibly mark, sustainability is baked into our business model.

This means Corporate Social Responsibility is not a just a stand-alone department, it’s the responsibility of every department and fundamental to our culture.
We have put Sustainability at the heart of our corporate strategy. From supporting the Health and Wellbeing of our employees and the communities we live and work in, to practicing Environmental Responsibility, to promoting Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, all four pillars of our strategy uphold a vision for the long-term sustainable development of our business and the communities we serve.

Benefits & Support

At the ‘Bank of You’ we believe that wealth begins with health, and a sustainable bottom line is created by improving lifetimes. That’s why we offer every employee the support and benefits to be their strongest self. We are the only bank in Ireland that pays fully comprehensive health insurance for employees as well as their families.
And, with pension and income protection, personalised wellness plans, subsidised day care, study support, flexible working hours, plus two days of paid volunteer leave - our benefits are second to none.