Economic Updates

Irish jobs growth stronger than expected in late 2019

18 February 2020

3.5% increase y/y broadly based across regions and sectors but less so across age groups continue reading

Irish house price inflation bottoming out?

15 January 2020

Irish property price inflation edges higher to 1.4% in November from 1.0% in October continue reading

Irish economic growth remains strong and may see near-term Brexit bounce

13 December 2019

Q3 growth data confirm the Irish economy still has strong momentum in late 2019 continue reading

Irish house price inflation eases marginally in October

12 December 2019

0.9% y/y increase lowest in six years but effectively unchanged from September (+1.0%) continue reading

Exchequer returns suggest Irish economy is healthy but public finances are hot

03 December 2019

Corporation taxes continue to exceed expectations continue reading

Strong headline jobs growth conceals signs of gloom as well as boom

19 November 2019

Irish employment up 2.4% y/y (+53,700 jobs) in Q3 2019 continue reading

Brexit: it’s not today but it’s not going away

31 October 2019

Short term chaos avoided but significant long term difficulties still lie ahead continue reading

Budget 2020: Steering a course in the dark

08 October 2019

Budget 2020 based on premise of no deal Brexit means no major policy shifts continue reading

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