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Could there be some method behind Brexit Madness?

24 March 2019

New double date deadline raises Brexit stakes in UK continue reading

Brexit puts Irish economy at a fork in the road

25 January 2019

This piece, published in the Sunday Independent on January 20th, echoes the Central Bank's warning as to how different economic conditions may be in 2019 depending on whether it’s a 'deal' or 'no deal' Brexit but it differs from the Central Bank analysis in that it ... continue reading

In depth review: Ireland

16 December 2016

2017 funding need expected to be €8.5B despite sufficient cash reserves continue reading

In-depth review: Ireland

27 July 2016

Recently released Irish GDP data emphasise Ireland’s ‘dual economy’ structure continue reading

Caution Rather Than Confidence Is Key Feature Of Recovery

22 January 2016

This article was originally published in the Irish Independent on January 21st 2016. continue reading

In-depth review: Ireland

16 December 2015

Irish economy returns to ‘Celtic tiger’ growth rate. continue reading

In-depth review: Ireland

25 June 2015

Strong upturn in economic activity as export growth remains impressive. continue reading

Ireland: A Promising Outlook After Considerable Pain

26 January 2015

After a period of very sharp losses in output, employment, incomes and asset values, the Irish economy is showing signs of a strong if still uneven recovery. This note examines the intensity of the recent downturn in Ireland and assesses the nature and extent of the... continue reading

KBC Credit Research In Depth Review: Ireland

07 July 2014

New date confirm Irish economy now on improving path continue reading

Low Inflation Highlights Pressures On Consumers And Problems For Government

18 May 2014

We may discover that the only thing worse than very high inflation is very low inflation continue reading

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