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Annual Report 2013

KBC BankKBC BankKBC Bank

1.432 BILLION in new customer deposits

1st New Current account in ireland in 10 years

25% Growth in our customer Base

150 New employees joined

2013 was the year 35,000 people made the decision to join KBC Bank. This year our Annual Report focuses on our customers and communities for the support they have shown us and for the trust they have placed in us. Welcome to the Bank of You.

Welcome Stephen & Iveta Lynch

We like the idea of a Bank that actually understands its customers. We feel that this customer centric approach to Banking will lead to longer term positive results for both ourselves and KBC.

Local Hub

Stephen + Iveta

Welcome Eamonn Fitzgerald

I had money to invest and found the staff in KBC knowledgeable, efficient, courteous, willing to give clear answers and always followed up on my queries.

Local Hub

Eamonn Fitzgerald

Welcome Simon Joulin

KBC made the change very easy. The staff were not only very professional and efficient but approachable and friendly.

Local Hub

Simon Joulin

Welcome James Noonan

The service at the hub was very responsive. Staff took on a lot of responsibility and made sure everything that was meant to happen happened.  

Local Hub

James Noonan