KBC celebrating the launch of the Business Impact Map


As the Bank of You, our Sustainability programme is about helping our customers, staff and communities make a positive contribution to our society

Sustainability is important to KBC and is about building a better bank for our customers, employees and communities a - retail bank of the future. As an organisation we have a dedicated Sustainability team that ensures we have a local and effective Sustainability strategy in place. Employees across KBC support and are involved in projects that deliver a socially responsible business.

We’re passionate about the communities we work in. Through unique events, fundraising and volunteer work, we get involved in our local communities and make a difference.

We are partnered with Business in the Community (BITC), a large business network that aims to harness the power of Irish business to maximise its positive impact on all its stakeholders and society. Their vision is to have all businesses in Ireland responsible and sustainable.

As proud partners of BITC, we are delighted to be part of the BITC Impact Map. Take a look at the positive impact we’ve made to our community partners across Ireland #strongertogether http://livemaps.bitc.ie/