KBC Bank Ireland PLC Statement on Coronavirus


Covid-19 Update

"Now, more than ever banks must support the Irish people. Many are facing an uncertain financial future and hundreds of thousands are dealing with job losses. Businesses need help to survive the difficult period ahead. At KBC Ireland, we are working with the Government and all stakeholders to ensure we do all that we can to support the national effort and to help people as they adapt now and in the future.

We have committed to resourcing this effort for as long as this takes. The measures we have introduced today, which include breaks on mortgages and loans, are the beginning. At this time, I would like to acknowledge the work of the KBC Ireland team over recent days. It is a difficult time for everyone, and I appreciate the effort our people are putting in to ensure we continue to deliver for our customers. At KBC Ireland, we will continue to step up our support depending on what people and businesses need to get through this.

KBC Ireland is committed to introducing the broadest possible range of measures to support people and business. KBC is working with the Central Bank of Ireland, Government and the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland to deliver what customers now need to help them through this national emergency. KBC will continue its work with the BPFI and other member banks to support customers through this challenging time”.

Peter Roebben, Chief Executive, KBC Bank Ireland

KBC Ireland today announced the deployment of a range of financial measures to support customers who are facing financial difficulties as a result of the Coronavirus. We would encourage customers in these circumstances to immediately engage with us on the range of measures we have introduced. These include:

  • Payment breaks on mortgages and loans for personal and SME business customers lasting up to 3 months, for those impacted by COVID-19.

  • All court processes currently in train will be suspended for a three month period.

  • Free contactless: in respect of card payments and for people concerned about handling cash payments – a reminder that across all our personal current accounts all contactless payments are free for domestic and eurozone transactions.

  • Digital Wallets: KBC would like to remind customers that it has a range of free contactless ‘tap and go’ payments, offering digital wallets from Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, Fitbit Pay™, Garmin Pay™ and Wena Pay™. 

  • A dedicated KBC team has been established to help customers with any financial concerns or questions they have regarding COVID-19.  This team can be contacted on 1850 93 02 35

  • This is in addition to our normal channels for business and personal customers to contact us on which includes 24/7 customer service via phone, live webchat, email and social media  and through our hubs across the Country.

  • For KBC business customers there is a dedicated KBC Business Partner available should any customer have any concerns.