KBC Bank Ireland Launches New Investment Funds


Competitive suite of investment funds suitable for all profiles.

KBC Bank Ireland has launched a new suite of investment fund products, SIVEK Funds, designed for a range of investment profiles. These funds offer an opportunity for people who want to accumulate and manage their capital through a diversified investment portfolio.
As part of KBC Group, the funds are provided by KBC Asset Management, with over 65 years’ experience in fund investment and €85 billion in assets under management across 1,500 funds.The products will be supported by a team of KBC mobile (home visits) and Hub Investment Specialists, providing product suitability checks to ensure the investment solution is best suited to customers’ risk profiles and goals.
KBC will provide three SIVEK Fund investment products, where customers can invest amounts from €125 upwards, spreading the capital among different asset classes (equities, bonds, real estate or cash investments), economic sectors and countries. The funds provide investors with access to their capital, with the ability to increase, redeem or partially redeem their investment at any time.
Discussing the new products, Dara Deering, Executive Director and Head of Retail Banking, KBC Bank Ireland said: “Investors have different ambitions and goals and we are launching a competitive suite of investment products suitable for all, whether you are looking to the short-to-medium term, your retirement or the long-term needs of your family. Whether it’s a small or more significant amount, investors benefit from a diversified portfolio managed by experienced professionals within our asset management team.
“Customers investing with KBC can avail of our free investment advisory service, which we provide in our hubs and through our mobile team, with a dedicated Investment Specialist as a personal point of contact for the entire process.”
Alongside its investment fund products, KBC also offers a broad range of savings and investment products designed to provide an attractive alternative to meet customers’ saving and investment needs. These structured deposit products offer customers a risk-free solution to their short and long term savings needs by enabling them to manage their risk exposure for a given level of potential return. 
Call into any KBC Hub in Dublin, Kildare, Galway, Cork and Limerick or call 1800 51 52 53 to enquire about investment products or arrange a meeting with a specialist.
Notes to the Editor

  • Funds are not capital guaranteed
  • Offer full transparency of fees and costs
  • Have a proven and solid performance
  • Offer KBC investment specialist for personal advice and support
  • Are based on an active portfolio management and by the KBC Investment Strategy