KBC Bank adds new investment funds to growing product range


Customers invited to Investment Evenings at KBC Hubs.

KBC Bank Ireland has added new investment funds to its expanding product offering for customers. Available now, the new suite of investment products is called Privileged Portfolio and features three product types, each designed to suit different appetites for risk. The funds will appeal to those continuing to seek investment options in a low interest environment, and who want to accumulate and manage their capital through a diversified investment portfolio. These funds have a strong track record since they were launched globally in 2006.

Many investors are looking for a strong yield on their investment, combined with a certain level of protection. That said, even investment funds at optimum diversification can experience a drop in value when financial markets fall.  KBC’s new suite of investment products (from the ‘Privileged Portfolio Pro’ family) therefore offers extra protection by adding floor monitoring to our customers’ investment strategies. This means that our customers’ portfolio are not only actively managed, but also linked to a management model that sets out to keep the value of their investment above a particular floor price at all times. Customers can choose the level of monitored floor price at 95%, 90% or 85% of their investment.  

These funds are managed locally in Dublin by KBC Fund Management, the KBC Group competence centre for worldwide portfolio management. These new products, along with the Sivek Investment Funds, will be supported by KBC’s team of Investment Specialists located at 15 hubs around the country, as well as the bank’s mobile team which provides home visits. The KBC hubs regularly host Investor Evenings, where KBC’s Investment Specialists are on hand to help investors assess their personal risk profile and investment goals, and help customers to make appropriate and informed investment choices.

To make enquiries in advance, or set up a meeting with a KBC Investment Specialist, call 1800 51 52 53 or visit kbc.ie

Dara Deering, Executive Director and Head of Retail Banking, KBC Bank Ireland, said: “At KBC Bank we understand that customers have different appetites for risk and changing investment needs.  Investors are looking for products that closely match their ambitions and goals, and KBC’s new Privileged Portfolio is designed to do just that.  Whether you’re a conservative saver or long-term investment strategist, with small or more significant sums to invest, KBC has a product to suit and a specialist to help.” 

“I would encourage people to come along to the Investor Evenings at KBC’s hubs and make the most of our free investment advisory service.  We provide an Investment Specialist as the personal point of contact throughout the entire decision making and investment process so that our customers get the support they need at every step.”

The introduction of Privileged Portfolio follows the launch of KBC’s SIVEK Funds in November 2014 and which has attracted strong interest from investors during its first year.  As part of KBC Group, both the Privileged Portfolio and the SIVEK Investment Funds are provided by KBC Asset Management, with over 66 years’ experience in fund investment and €200 billion in assets under management across 1,362 funds.