Introducing the KBC Lifestyle Extra PRSA


The KBC Lifestyle Extra PRSA – our Non-Standard PRSA means more investment options that are personalised to suit your situation.

Our uniquely digital pension journey just got a whole lot more exciting!

We’re now offering  you the complete solution – from full control of your pension at your fingertips as well as a wider range of investments customised for you and your attitude to risk, reward and loss. Just like our standard Lifestyle PRSA, you’re in the driver’s seat and will have the flexibility to make changes to your retirement plan and contributions in the KBC app.

Our new Lifestyle Extra PRSA is designed for investors who want to take charge of their pension and want a bit more choice  -  irrespective of your investment experience. Taking account of your financial situation investment experience and  retirement goal, our ExpertEase risk profiler recommends investment funds that meet both your financial and emotional appetite for investment risk meaning you can remain within your own investment comfort zone at all times.

How do we do this?
Well when it comes to our new Risk Profiler, we’ve reinvented the wheel! While most companies just ask a few short questions about your financial situation and your attitude to risk and reward in order to determine your investor profile, we also look at your tolerance to loss. Knowing how you feel about loss allows us to keep you in your comfort zone. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so our risk profiler will provide you with a more relevant customised risk profile!

Your risk profile will correspond to an ExpertEase investment strategy that will make your money work for you while hopefully keeping you comfortable, regardless of the market conditions. Our funds are continuously monitored and are subject to daily rebalancing to ensure they remain in the applicable risk category. This allows us to automatically offer protection when necessary, while also making the most of opportunities to generate return.

How do we invest your money?
There are six ExpertEase funds available, each offering a suitable balance of equity, bonds, cash and other assets. Our funds are continuously monitored and the asset allocation may be subject to daily rebalancing if required to ensure the funds remain in the applicable risk category.

Our fund managers react quickly to market events and anticipate trends, reducing exposure to dangerous downside risk: 

  • We provide protection by converting equity and bonds into lower risk investments (such as money market instruments and cash) when markets fall or if conditions are uncertain or  volatile
  • We track market trends to take advantage of the market by making additional equity or bond investments when opportunities arise to generate return.

Each fund follows three investment signals to strike a balance between upside potential and risk of loss.
Here’s how our three investment signals work:

  • Fundamental Analysis: Based on the view taken by KBC economists and external analysts on the financial/economic trends and outlook.
  • Trend signal: Continuously seeks out trends in the relative performance of equity and bonds in the recent past. Builds up positions in the best-performing assets and reduces positions in the weakest performers.
  • Brake signal:  Under normal circumstances, this signal points to investing in equity and bonds in line with the risk profile. However, if the market falls or the markets are nervous, this signal indicates a need to be more cautious: risky assets are then replaced by risk-free assets.

The signals provide the optimum balance between upside potential and risk of loss to ensure the investor feels as comfortable as possible under all market conditions.

MyAutoinvest Strategy
If making investment decisions isn’t your thing, you can still switch over to autopilot and opt for the MyAutoinvest Default Investment Strategy! This customised strategy challenges the usual one-size-fits-all approach by revolving around you and your chosen retirement age. We’ll gradually ‘de-risk’ your savings over time in line with your term to retirement, as well as regularly rebalancing your fund to ensure you’re invested appropriately. Meaning you can focus on just saving for your retirement while we make the investment decisions.

By John Gethin, Branch Manager, KBC Life and Pensions

Warning: The value of your investments may go down as well as up.
Warning: If you invest in these funds you may lose some or all of the money you invest.
Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance

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