How do I set-up or delete a payee on Online Banking?

A payee is a person that you can send funds to/from your account using your Online Banking service. Prior to sending funds to a payee you will need to add their details using the “Manage Payees” option within the Transfers and Payments section. 

Creating a Payee:
To add a payee, you will need to provide a Name, Nickname, Your reference (optional), Payee reference (optional), their Bank Identifier Code (BIC) & their International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Your Digital Key will be required to authorise payments.
Please note transfer of funds to payees can only be initiated from a KBC Current Account. If you do not have a KBC current account, you will not be able to transfer funds to a third party.

Deleting a Payee:
Go to the "Manage payee" screen: Beside the payee you wish to delete you will find an X icon. 
Choose this icon & you will see a warning message confirming you wish to proceed to delete the payee. Once you commit the delete request, your payee list will be refreshed and the deleted payee will no longer display.

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