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*The Gross Return Rate is the indicative rate of gross interest (before DIRT) that will be paid to the customer based on the length of the time the funds are in the account.

**For Euro Fixed Rate Accounts with withdrawal one withdrawal of up to 25% during the term is permitted (No further withdrawals are permitted from the account during the term). If you make a withdrawal from the account before the end of the term, the amount of interest earned will be less than if the deposit had been left intact for the full duration of the term.

AER means Annual Equivalent Rate and shows what the interest rate would be if the interest was compounded and paid each year (instead of monthly or over any other period).

Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) where applicable. Interest is paid at the end of the term or as specified by the account terms. Interest on Euro Accounts is calculated on a 360 day basis but paid on 365 day basis. Interest on Sterling accounts is calculated and paid on a 365 day basis. Rates effective from 03rd June 2014.

On any future maturity date your deposit will roll into a Standard Demand Deposit Account, which will receive KBC Bank Ireland’s then prevailing rate for that account, (unless instructions are received on or before the maturity date), until otherwise instructed by you.


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