Fees & Charges

KBC Bank Fees which may be charged

Making and Receiving Payments

Money desk/Swift transfers €25.40
Cheques Issued
Third Party payment by cheques €12.70
Unpaid items (direct debit, cheques and standing orders) €3.80
Giro Payments (per book) €6.35
Property insurance premium collection €1.00
Credit transfer drawdown €31.50
Direct Debit collection €4.40
Foreign exchange facilities N/A
Providing and Granting Credit
Arrangement Fee Nil to 0.5% of loan amount
Valuation/ Asset Inspection
€126.97 Valuation fee may rise to a maximum of €253.00 or actual costs.
Revaluation (incl. stage valuations)
€126.50 or actual costs
Amend letter of offer
Mortgage indemnity guarantee charges
€12.70 + govt duty
Mortgage indemnity guarantee fee 5.00% on loan balance in excess of 70% LTV
Administration charge
Negotiation fee
Surcharge interest in respect of arrears on a credit agreement or loan Nil to 5.00% over the interest rate quoted in the facility / offer letter per annum or Nil to 2.00% per month (or part thereof) on overdue balances
Maintaining and Administrating transactions
Change product fee and government stamping fee Nil to €38.00 + €12.70
Mortgage deeds sealing or partial release fee €38.00
Break funding fee / early settlement Formula based
Duplicate statements €2.54 per page
Duplicate certificates €6.35 each
Reschedule fee €0.50% (min €126.50)
Secondary rental Lesser of 5% cash or one instalment
Leased asset disposal €126.50 (based on asset cost)
Any Other Service
Administration charges €31.74 per hour
Copy of legal papers €6.35 per item (max €38.00)
Duplicate statement / invoice Nil to €12.70
Alterations to mortgage product (inc rate) €38.00
Processing of updated property insurance details €30.00
Processing of updated life assurance details €30.00
Alteration to title deeds / transfer of equity Nil to €63.00
Release of deeds on accountable trust receipts Nil to €38.00
Audit cert

Nil to €31.50

Early Encashment fee in relation to Structured Deposits Formula based (to include an administration fee of up to 1% of investment sum up to a maximum of €1,000)
Processing unpaid instalment Nil to €19.00
Call out charge concerning unpaid instalments Nil to €31.50
Summons servicing fee Nil to €19.00
Possession order serving Nil to €19.00
Letters re outstanding instalments Nil to €12.70
Legal proceedings administration charge Nil to €317.00
Repossession / legal costs Actual costs
Day to Day Banking Fees
Cheque Processing Fee
Payment Fees
KBC Cheque
Non - Euro Transactions
Cash Withdrawal Fee

3.50% (min €3.17,max €11.43)

POS Transaction
1.75%(min €0.46, max €11.43)
Fees for Non Payment
Unpaid Lodges Cheque
Referral Items
€5.00 per item capped at €20 daily
Stop Payment Instuction
Missed Direct Debit
Missed Standing Order
Overdraft Fees & Rates

Rate on authorised overdraft
Surcharge on unauthorised overdraft
Overdraft Set Up
Overdraft renewal
Additional Banking Charges
Debit Card Replacement
Replacement of Digital Key
Duplicate Statement
€2.54 per page
Duplicate Certificate of Interest
€6.35 each
Maintenance Quarterly Fee

Credit Card fees and charges

Over Limit
Unpaid Item (Returned Payment)
Late Payment
Cheque Processing
Duplicate Statement
Credit Card Replacement
Replacement of Digital Key

Transaction Fees

Rate % / Fee
Cash Withdrawal Fee (within Eurozone)
1.5% (minimum of €1.90)
Currency Conversion Fees (CCF)
Non Euro Cash Withdrawal
1.5% (min. of €1.90) plus 2% CCF fees as outlined above

Interest Rates

Purchase rate
Balance transfer rate
0% for the first 6 months, moving to the Purchase rate thereafter
Cash withdrawal

Effective from 1st May 2014

Quarterly Change Periods

Account Transaction Fees are calculated on a quarterly basis and debited from your account in respect of the previous 3 month period. Quarterly charging periods are scheduled as follows (dates are inclusive);

  • Quarter 1: 1st January - 31st March
  • Quarter 2: 1st April - 30th June
  • Quarter 3: 1st July -  30th September
  • Quarter 4: 1st October - 31st December

Details of any transaction fees charges to your account will be confirmed to you in a Fee Advice Letter approximately 15 days before they are deducted from your account.

Overdraft interest rates are variable and subject to change. Overdraft set up fee is charges upon activation of overdraft facility . Please refer to our Fees and Changes booklet for a full description of fees and charges relating to your KBC Current Account.


Please note, in line with the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears (“CCMA”), KBC Bank Ireland will not impose any charges and/or surcharge interest on arrears arising on a mortgage account in arrears to which the CCMA applies.

Queries and Complaints

If you are unhappy about any aspect of the service you have received please contact the Client Services Manager, KBC Bank Ireland plc, Sandwith St, Dublin 2.

If your complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction you may contact the Financial Services Ombudsman Bureau, Third Floor, Lincon House, Lincon Place, Dublin 2. LoCall 1890882090 Telephone – 01 -6620899

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