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Am I entitled to Tax Relief at Source (TRS) on my mortgage payments?

Tax Relief at Source is provided by the Revenue. Further information...

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Can I reduce the Term of my Mortgage and what effect will this have on my repayments?

You can reduce the term of your mortgage at any stage, without charge. A reduction...

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Does KBC have an Online Banking service?

KBC Bank Ireland does offer an Online Banking service...

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How do I change my address for correspondence?

In order to change the address for correspondence from KBC Bank Ireland, you simply need to...

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How do I fix the rate on my Mortgage?

If you would like to apply for a fixed rate on your mortgage account, please contact...

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How is Tax Relief At Source (TRS) applied to my mortgage Repayments?

If you are successful in your application for Tax Relief at Source, the Revenue will...

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I am considering renting out my property. Do I need to notify KBC Bank Ireland?

Yes, as your property would no longer be classed as a ‘Private Dwelling Home’, you are...

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I am interested in using the equity in my property to borrow additional funds. Can this be done?

Any requests to increase the amount borrowed against your property with KBC Bank Ireland...

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I have changed my Home Insurance provider, do I need to notify KBC Bank Ireland?

When you change your home insurance details you should provide KBC Bank Ireland with a copy...

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I would like to change the bank account I make my direct debit payments from, how do I do this?

You will need to complete a Direct Debit Mandate form. Our Customer...

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Is it possible to make additional payments on our mortgage and is there any penalty involved?

There are two forms of overpayment available on your mortgage account...

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What is an RSS Feed?

RSS means Really Simple Syndication. It is a convenient way of displaying news feeds in a web browser ...

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Which Rate should I choose?

When choosing between a fixed and variable rate you should consider the implications, advantages and disadvantages of...

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Why has my Tax Relief at Source (TRS) changed?

With effect from January 2014 changes will be made to the basis for calculating the monthly TRS credit due to on eligible accounts....

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